Rosemont International worldwide

The companies featured on the Rosemont International website provide an all-round multi-disciplinary service to individuals and their families, and can assist in structuring and administering a client's financial world in the best possible fashion.

With partners in strategic locations the offices are able to offer an integrated service covering the important areas of interest to clients including:

Tax, estate and business planning
Onshore and offshore corporate and fiduciary activities

Professionally qualified and experienced staff can assist you, your family, and your business. Accountants, solicitors, trust and tax advisors can help guide you through the intricacies of the modern tax and estate planning requirements in the jurisdictions where you reside, operate and hold assets.

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As independent providers of Multi-Family Office services operating since 1981 they are in a position to manage assets, trusts and corporations for multiple wealthy families. A wide range of services include tax and estate planning, accounting and reporting, risk management, objective financial counsel, trusteeship, lifestyle management, coordination of professionals, and foundation management. Personal services such as managing and administering properties or yachts, household staff or crew, making travel arrangements, organising visas, and residence are also undertaken.

Senior management are also personally actively involved in the operation of businesses in a wide range of areas and locations, so have first-hand experience of operational, regulatory and financial issues faced by entrepreneurs in practice. They act creatively and pro-actively in the interests of the client.